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140725 Geinin!!! 3 ep4


Kojima Mako G+  25/07/2014 - 22:14

I injured my right leg,

that’s why I only participated

in a part of the theater show today.

I apologize to the people

who were looking forward to see me…>_<…

I want it to heal fast, there are theater shows on the 28th and 29th,

I want to appear in them, for the whole show, respectively(´・_・`)

But even if my leg is injured,

nevertheless, I am in high spirits💓

That’s why、when everyone was dancing on stage,

I so wanted to jump the stage,

I could not help myself。(lol)

I hope it will heal fast!!!


Kojima Mako:

You might say I was lucky,

the bones were not affected, please don’t worry❤️

I am a lucky person since way back!


As I already said, Airi scares me ^ ^

what difference?!? :D

The difference of color and position between the dmm logos! XD

140725 AKB48 feat. Seika Girls High School Marching Band - Koisuru Fortune Cookie @ MUSIC STATION

140725 Kokoro no Placard @ MUSIC STATION

Spot the difference (*´▽`*)